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Exclamation point: LittleBigMetalGear costume and level pack details


Old soldiers never die; they just become LittleBigPlanet costumes. Revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2008, the Old Snake SackBoy costume is a step closer to your PS3's HDD – and it's not on a solo mission.

Sony's Hong Kong PlayStation site now lists a Metal Gear Solid costume pack for LBP along with a level pack. Old Snake, Meryl, and Screaming Mantis are available separately; buy the set, and Sony throws in Raiden (MGS4 version). There are no details on the level pack contents, so, as LBP so wonderfully encourages, we'll have to use our imagination. Better yet, what would you like (or expect) it to include?

No date for the packs Stateside just yet, but it would make us awfully merry if Sony could sneak this into next Thursday's PSN Store update.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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