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Gears 2 slips further down the Xbox Live charts

Dustin Burg

Marcus Fenix and crew aren't going to be happy to hear this; Gears of War 2 has slipped even further down the most played games on Xbox Live charts. Gulp ...

For the week of December 8th, Halo 3 has again claimed the number one spot, followed by World at War, CoD4 then Gears 2. Yes sir, a fourth place spot for team Epic. There is a chance Gears 2 could climb the ranks heading into next week with the release of the new Combustible DLC. Then again, with all the controversy surrounding its timing and price, we wouldn't bet on it. As far as Arcade titles go, Street Fighter 2 remains top dog, followed by A Kingdom for Keflings, Banjo-Kazooie, then everyone's favorite, UNO.

Sorry Marcus, just be sure to keep your manly chin up. Aight?

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