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Home connection fix coming Dec. 18


Ah, Error C-931. You're like a Wal-Mart greeter gone mad with power, picking and choosing who gets into the store. Well, buddy, your days are numbered. According to a post on SCEE's official Home support forum, you'll be out of a job soon. Happy Holidays.

Tomorrow's patch is "the first step in tackling the connection issues that you'll know as C-931 errors," according to the post. Wait – first step? "Its just a first step and we'll bring you more information this latter (sic) this week." Evidently, C-931 is legion and has one goal: keeping you from connecting to Home. Hopefully, thwarting you won't distract the Home team from its other tasks ... like giving people more to do once they get in.

[Thanks, stargateheaven]

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