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Microtransactions 'way of the future' for Mytheon

James Egan

One of the newer titles coming to the massively multiplayer online game market is Mytheon, a game that is based on real-world myth rather than pure fantasy, currently in development at Petroglyph. This fresh angle on lore and setting isn't the only difference between Mytheon and its fantasy MMO competitors -- Petroglyph is banking on the hope that microtransactions will prove more successful for Mytheon than the standard subscription model.

Edge Online recently interviewed Petroglyph's general manager Chuck Kroegel, who's also the producer for Mytheon. Kroegel spoke with Edge Online's Kris Graft, and explained Petroglyph's outlook on this alternative business model: "This is a serious commitment on our part... we find it intriguing because we do feel there is a notion of how this could be the way of the future. And if not, it's certainly going to be part of the future. It may not be the only way things are done in regards to the model, but right now it looks to be viable."

Kroegel outlines what he views as the needs in the MMO market, and how microtransactions can help meet those needs. The interview also touches upon the free-to-play stigma that brands most games that look beyond the monthly subscription model. Whether you're a staunch advocate of the subscription model or feel that microtransactions open up new possibilities in how we play our games, you may want to check out "Microtransactions 'Way of the Future'?" over at Edge Online.

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