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Winter crafts that will really WoW


The holiday season spawns many things. It can create excitement, anxiety, or shock that the big day's almost here. For some, it can manifest a sense of creativity that makes for really awesome gifts. There's a couple particularly cool items out there today, and your intrepid reporters at WoW Insider wants to make sure you get to see it all.

If your knitted Boomkin could use a friend, Alice at the Wonderland blog found the Voidwalker plushy on Etsy. The little guy is a bit under a foot and a half tall, which makes him the perfect height for huggin' and squeezin' by a fireplace. His eyes glow in the dark to scare away any night critters that might need scaring away. Unfortunately, it looks like Glowgoyle is sold out for right now, but we can hope there will be restock in the future.

BriarFox on the Livejournal knitting community created his very own Quest Giver Stocking Cap. It has the pictured exclamation point on one side, and a yellow question mark on the other. He used a "stella's hat" pattern, and modified the stitch to allow for the emblazoned symbols. He's not selling them, sadly, but maybe we can cruise around and find a commision. If you want a quest-giving substitute for your yard, you can check out the WoW-themed garden art Shelbi found Feral Glass last week.

Okay, I admit. I'm shallow and wish I could have both under the tree.

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