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Yorozu's milk carton speaker asks: "Have You Heard Me?"

Tim Stevens

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Speakers come in all shapes and sizes (and colors) -- usually the more exotic the look the higher the price. But what would you pay to turn anything you own into a speaker? $80 is the asking price for the Yorozu Audio Sound Revolution kit, a somewhat pretentious name for a little vibrating bud that plays your tunes on whatever you like. It comes in a cardboard milk container that will get you started, but the site shows boxes, bottles, suitcases, and even entire walls dropping beats. Don't worry structural engineers: with only 2-watts on tap don't expect to literally rock the house. Oh, and if you're looking for a cheaper way to get your crap buzzing, you could just make your own from those neodymium magnets you have kicking around.

[Via Engadget German]

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