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Alioscopy's 40-inch 3DHD autostereoscopic LCD headed for CES: no glasses required

Darren Murph

Mention 3D, and you'll get an enthusiastic shrug from most. Mention three little words in conjunction, and everything changes. In case you haven't guessed that magic trio, it's "no glasses required." We've seen the technology bandied about, but we're sensing that companies are about to get serious with it at CES 2009. Case in point: Alioscopy and TCL have tag-teamed in order to showcase the former's 3DHD autostereoscopic 3D LCD display (40-inch) and content creation technology in just under a month. There are no real details on the underlying juju, but you can bet we're stoked to see what it delivers in Vegas. Maybe those plans for a 3D Olympics in 2012 aren't all that loony after all?

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