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Cowon issues first firmware update for S9 PMP

Darren Murph

Yes, already. Before the 8GB S9 has even had a chance to become available, Cowon has already issued the first firmware update for its hot little PMP. If you're one of the earliest of adopters, you may want to give this one a download / install before flinging your device upside the wall. Just to name a few, the patch fixes bugs when changing boundary settings for music playback, when viewing particular picture files, when the upper buttons are pressed simultaneously and when connecting Bluetooth Mono headsets. Hop on past the break for the full alert, and tap the read link to access the file.

Cowon S9 bug fixes:

· Maintains view mode when playing next video file even with G-Sensor locked

· Fixes bugs when changing boundary settings for music playback

· Fixes UI when viewing particular picture files

· Fixes UI when capacity is insufficient for radio recordings

· Fixes incorrect Line Display when scrolling documents by page up/down

· Fixes bugs when upper buttons are pressed simultaneously

· Fixes UI when connecting Bluetooth Mono headsets

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