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Kojima calls Metal Gear Solid Touch a 'simple MGS' shooter

Jason Dobson

Both 1UP and IGN have poked and prodded new details out of Japanese mag Famitsu's recent Metal Gear Solid Touch reveal, lifting the touchable curtains somewhat off Konami's upcoming head scratcher. According to the article, the game will be based on MGS4, with Metal Gear mastermind Kojima describing the iPhone app as a "Simple MGS." Translation: It's a shooter.

In fact, Metal Gear's emphasis on stealth is being pocketed this time around in favor of something that is easier to pick up and play on the go, with much of the gameplay involving sliding and pinching the screen in typical iPhone fashion to move Snake's view and zoom in and out of targets. Additionally, shooting bad guys and exploding barrels is taken care of by tapping directly on the screen. We remain interested, albeit confused, about Snake's latest mission. But the weathered soldier isn't getting any younger, and with all of these fingers in the way, we wonder if he'll be able to see anything at all.

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