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Popple and the Magically Cheap-looking WiiWare Game


Disclaimer: no, this game does not appear to have anything to do with Popples, the beloved, collapsible stuffed toys. Yes, we are also a bit disappointed. Popple and the Magical Crayon is actually an original WiiWare adventure game about drawing and painting elements of a pop-up picture book from within the world of said book. You can also interact with objects, and search for hidden items, by pointing and clicking.

The 800 Wii Point adventure game was clearly produced on a shoestring budget, as it looks fairly N-sixty-farcical. But, like Shootanto and Sorcery Blade, there's a certain ironic appeal to such an obviously cheap game, and an actual appeal to a game produced by a developer whose work probably doesn't show up on consoles that often. Even the publisher, G-mode, hasn't done much (or anything) on consoles except for Data East Virtual Console games.

You can see Popple in "action" at the official site. The game comes out in Japan on January 27.

[Via Famitsu]

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