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RIM calls the Storm "Verizon's best-selling device" -- whatever that means

Darren Murph

We're still no closer to determining just how many BlackBerry Storm sales have been reversed by now, but either way, said handset is reportedly Verizon's "best-selling device." Interestingly, it's up to your best guess as to what that really signifies, as the quantity of Storm devices sold remains tightly under wraps. In other words, you could take that to mean it's the bestselling right now (highly probable) or that it has already outsold all other VZW handsets in two short months (not at all probable). In other, more substantiated news, RIM has proclaimed that it sold 6.9 million smartphones between September and November of this year, which -- coincidentally enough -- is exactly how many iPhone 3Gs that Apple sold through in its Q4. So RIM, whenever you feel like dishing out that exact figure that only everyone, everywhere is waiting for, we'll be listening.

[Via Silicon Alley Insider]

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