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X-Play's The Conduit footage, without having to watch G4 [update]


[Update: YouTube has pulled the video.]

If you don't spend your whole day watching G4TV -- perhaps because you don't like watching reruns of Heroes with big chat windows covering half the screen -- you probably missed X-Play's exclusive preview of The Conduit. Luckily, some dude with a YouTube account did not! The segment features a bit of introduction to the story (something about government secret agent), as well as Sega's Josh Morton extolling, and demonstrating, the first-person shooter's Wii controls.

Most important, though, is the fact that X-Play's segment is composed almost entirely of gameplay footage, which is vaguely ironic. Why is it that most game trailers do their best to avoid long shots of actual in-game footage, and yet a non-publisher-produced TV show is loaded with it?


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