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Complete: Street Fighter IV full character roster


Click Rose to begin your tour of the cast of SFIV!
Capcom has today revealed the "long awaited, and not so secret, last character" in Street Fighter IV. We'll spare the drum roll and get right to her: Rose. But, well, you already knew that. Still, Capcom's announcement has sealed the list of 25 fighters. (Sorry to Retsi, Geki, Joe, Lee, T. Hawk, Dee Jay, all of SFIII, some of you Alpha dogs and cats, and any of the rest of yous we missed! Maybe next game, eh?)

Get familiar with the entire Street Fight IV gang right here:

Gallery: Street Fighter IV: Character Roster | 25 Photos

Full list of Street Fighter IV characters (linked to screenshots):

*New to Street Fighter franchise.
**Only playable in console versions. (Not playable in arcade version.)
***Console-exclusive character. (Not in arcade version.)

Gallery: Street Fighter IV | 170 Photos

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