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Epic 2h Tanking Weapons from Blacksmithing

Matthew Rossi

From our friends at MMO-Champion, we get this news: there will be two new tanking weapons from Blacksmithing, both of them 2h weapons. The Titansteel Deflector and Titansteel Defender will allow new DK's just gearing for raiding at 80 to craft themselves a spiffy 2h with enough defense or parry to help them out without making an instance drop useless for other classes. I admit I'm eyeing the Titansteel Defender for my fury warrior's OT set, but it's clearly made with DK's in mind. They even re-use the models for the starting DK weapons, which is fine by me, those are some hot weapons.

However, does this mean any serious DK tank has to be a blacksmith now? These are listed at BoP weapons, which would mean you'd have to be a smith to get one. But then again, one of the two is listed as a sword yet certainly looks like an axe, so it's possible that we'll see these go BoE, which would mean that I'd probably set up shop as a DK tank's weapon supplier. Here's to hoping.

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