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How would you change the T-Mobile G1?

Darren Murph

The T-Mobile G1, the world's very first commercially available Android-based handset, ushered in a new era of mobile computing when it launched earlier this year. The long-awaited Googlephone had finally come to fruition, and it managed to warm the hearts of just about everyone that touched it. But like any phone, it wasn't without its flaws, some of which are still being worked out today. For those of you who decided to pull the trigger, you've had the past few months to see how it stacks up. The question is, how does it stack up? What are you hoping for in the next firmware update? Are you completely satisfied with the hardware? Are you longing for a capacitive touchscreen and and a slightly less noticeable chin? It's okay to criticize your dear G1 -- it's all in the name of love, after all.

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