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It's a Mabinogi and MapleStory Christmas!


You've been very good this year, and Nexon knows it. They know it so well, in fact, that they're delivering two major updates to Mabinogi and MapleStory just in time for the holiday season! These updates not only include the two Christmas festivals, but also a variety of other new features as well.

MapleStory players can get their hands on the new city of Magatia, the Christmas festival in Happyville, special Christmas Sock mobs that will randomly appear in the world, and many smaller holiday quest events. Plus, on December 23rd, MapleStory will undergo the "Day of Darkness" event, where GMs will be spawning special monsters all day long before the holiday cheer of Christmas.

Mabinogi players not only get to help out a troubled Santa Claus and watch fireworks for New Years Day, but they also get the huge addition of being able to own their own houses! Players may now own houses, while guilds can own castles and improve upon their guild stone. Guilds can now also clash in guild battles and create their own special "guild robes" to wear to show membership.

So happy holidays to all Mabinogi and MapleStory players! Go take out those evil stockings and help santa pay for his expensive reindeer!

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