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LittleBigPlanet patch adds in-game store, improved search

Ross Miller

In addition to news about the upcoming Metal Gear Solid level and character packs, Media Molecule has also released a 67MB patch that upgrades LittleBigPlanet to version 1.07. No patch details have been released yet, so here's what we've noticed so far:
  • An in-game LittleBigStore! It functions as its own planet, and if you've already purchased the equipment, you can swap into the whole costume here.
  • New search options (just to the right of Community). You can now navigate through user-generated content by highest rated levels, the most hearted levels, the newest levels and the busiest levels, as well as searching with text or tags.
  • A "save level as" option when creating levels that lets you move the creation to whichever slot you would like.
  • No additional Stephen Fry narration (unfortunately).
If you notice anything else, let us know. We'll update with the official patch notes when and if they're released.

[Via PS3 Fanboy]

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