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Lumines Supernova dropping on PSN Dec. 23


Rejoice, fellow and completely willing synesthesia sufferers! Q Entertainment has replaced its vague "Winter" release window for Lumines Supernova in favor of something more precise. The rhythmic block dropper will be available on the North American* PlayStation Network on Tuesday, December 23rd, just in time to drown out those obnoxious family members who only bother to drop by when there's a free Christmas dinner involved.

Ignoring them should be particularly easy given the bevy of distractions packed into Lumines Supernova's $15 package: 40 skins; a new "Dig Down" mode; a Sequencer mode for creating your own background music; Time Attack and Skin Edit modes; Puzzle and Mission levels; Trophies; and a local 2-player Battle mode for those sharing types who ignore the "mine" in Lumines.

And hey, don't forget the LittleBigPlanet skin, which will join a free "Holiday Pack" of 20 additional skins. The latter is available for a limited time only -- just like Christmas.

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*Europe, you're getting it in "Early 2009." :(

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