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Tabula Rasa's PAUs and Mechs coming in next patch

Shawn Schuster

Just when we thought the Tabula Rasa news couldn't get any better with today's Deployment 15 reaching the live servers, we now get word that the highly-anticipated Personal Armor Units that we've been hearing about for a year now are finally coming in Deployment 16.

These PAUs and Mechs will be two separate unit types, obtainable through either a control point mech pad or in the case of the PAU, as a "mount" of sorts. PAUs will only be available to the highest level of Logos Receptives and require a certain skill requirement for usage. Right now, we have word of the Angel PAU for Specialists, the Vulcan PAU for Soldiers, the standard AFS Mech which players are already aware of, the Orson Mech which acts much like a Sapper and finally the Grendel Mech which is described as having the ability to bring down the mightiest of base defenses (it's the big guy in the screenshot above). Check out the complete announcement and let us know what you think in the comments below.

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