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Video: Six minutes of Ninja Blade action, ninjas with blades included

A few days ago a video containing six minutes of Ninja Blade action found its way online. The footage was so hot we had to let it cool down for a few days until we ... okay, you know what. We can't lie. It just slipped by. But hey, Ninja Blade is about two of our favorite things and we thought we'd share.

Comments on the video call it Ninja Gaiden on steroids and while the action is intense it seems to include an awful lot of QTEz (Quick Time Events, the Z is in there to spice things up). Now, we don't have anything against QTEs but we'd rather actually play a game not play Simon with our controller while a movie is playing in the background. Maybe we're spoiled, who knows. One thing is certain, the ninja in the video totally runs down the side of a building and jacks a motorcycle in midair ... that's rad.

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