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Where bad branding and 25 speakers unite: the fake Yamaha XpressMusic

Chris Ziegler

Imagine this wild alternate reality where XpressMusic isn't a Nokia brand, it's a Yamaha brand; a reality where Yamaha is one of the world's largest cellphone manufacturers, has no taste, and decides you need some serious audio firepower attached to the back of your handset. This horrific scenario has been rendered real by China's Jinpeng, thanks to their S108 candybar that combines the usual array of ripped brands -- Yamaha and XpressMusic in this case -- with bizarre design decisions that you won't like see on any mainstream device. Ever. Like an array of 25 loudspeakers, for example. Amazingly, the thing's only $94, so if you're in a part of the world where GSM 900 / 1800 is good enough, it might actually be worth a shot -- just don't let Yamaha know.

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