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WRUP: I loathe/love achievements edition


Whether you enjoy achievements or not, Winter's Veil has arrived in the world of Azeroth with a full set of achievements and its own title. (Doesn't everyone want to be a merrymaker?) And just in time for the holidays we're launching WRUP (read as "what are you playing") where the WoW Insider team talks about what they're going to be up to this weekend in-game and we invite you to, as well. But what's this about achievements? I point you to Daniel and Daniel's weekend to-do lists:

Daniel "BigRedKitty" Howell: Cramming guildies through heroics, running 10-man Naxx and Satharian, putting down the tools after getting leatherworking to 450, chugging through Sons of Hodir, and trying to find the one quest I need in Borean Tundra to get that zone done, thus completing the achievement for getting all zone-quest-achievements done. I loathe achievements.
Daniel Whitcomb: Trying to ding 80 on Death Knight and get revered with both Wyrmrest Accord and Argent Crusade while also finishing up my Winter Veil achievements. I love achievements.

I think this is the start of a beautiful argument. For the rest of the team, read on.

Adam Holisky: I've been contemplating the extremities of guild existence, why leveling my shadow priest is boring, and why my griffon needs to beat it's wings forty-three times every second in order to maintain the necessary air-speed velocity to deliver myself and coconuts to Dalaran. I have yet to find an answer to any of these, yet I suspect it will have something to do with the number 42.
Alex Ziebart: Working on getting all of the 10-man raid achievements done with my 10-man crew, and when I'm not in a raid at all I'm leveling my DK or Paladin.
Chase Christian: Leading my guild's first 10-man Naxx this weekend.
Dan O'Halloran: Finishing the last of the Howling Fjord quests in Gjalerbron to get the quest achievement for the zone. Then heading to Dragonblight to start questing there. Hopefully sneak in a 5-man.
Elizabeth Harper: Should hit 78 or 79 on my Holydin this weekend, to the great excitement of guildmates needing healers for level 80 dungeons.
Elizabeth Wachowski: I'm working day shift this weekend, so I won't be playing much. I'll probably be spending time mining obsessively in Icecrown on my brand spankin' new epic flyer. I'll also try to finish up my questing in Zul'Drak and help out my level 58 boyfriend with the early quests in Hellfire Peninsula.
Jennie Lees: Shooting for the last few raid achievements on my Druid, while running heroics until the wee hours to gear up my Warrior alt for raiding.
Lisa Poisso: The delicate balance between getting the inside scoop for WI and indulging my habit of making making list after list of things to do and get in game, versus the sheer delight of pwning content I've never seen, researched or really have the gear for yet with my friends.
Matt "Matticus" Low: Respecced Discipline. Will attempt to survive more than 5 seconds against other plays in BGs and arenas.
Manda Miller: This week I'm finishing the Winter Veil achievements when I'm not working through our guild's first run at 10-man Naxx, which we're hoping to beat before it resets. Currently farming materials for several frost resist pieces of gear.
Matthew Rossi: DPSing Naxx, Satharion and Malygos (all 25 man) on my warrior, leveling my Shaman.
Michael Sacco: Running Naxx on my Death Knight, mustering motivation to play my Rogue again.
Mike Schramm: 79 and headed to 80 this weekend, questing through Storm Peaks and then Icecrown.
Robin Torres: I just got my Mage, my new main, to Outland level -- so now I'm only 2 years behind! I'll be spending the weekend in Hellfire Peninsula.
Zach Yonzon: Wintergrasp, Wintergrasp, Wintergrasp.

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