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Ask PS3 Fanboy: Volume 17

Majed Athab

This will be the last Ask PS3F column we're going to write for this year. Are you sad? Well don't be, because we'll come back for sure in January. So cheer up and enjoy the holidays!

Keep checking back every weekend -- we'll be sure to answer all intelligent, fun, and relevant questions that you may have. If you haven't asked us anything yet ... why haven't you? Send an e-mail to majed @ with the subject "Ask PS3 Fanboy." We'd like to stress, if your e-mail doesn't include that subject heading, your question will not be answered. If you've got PSP-related questions, be sure to ask them on Ask PSP Fanboy.

Matthew M. asks: I know that all PS3 games will work on any PS3 as there are no regions but does the same apply to PS2 and PSOne games? Also, where could I find a list of PSOne games compatible with the PS3 so I don't buy something I can't use?
PS3F answers: Both PS2 and PSOne games on backwards compatible PS3 models will only work with the system's region. For example, if you own a North American 20GB, 60GB or 80GB (model CECHE01) unit, you can only play North American PS2 and PSOne games. As for your other question, you can check compatibility information here. You just need to input the game's name in the search category.

Mike L. asks: If I rent a game with Trophies (on disc or patched-in), when I return it, can I delete my save data and/or game data? Or will it delete my Trophies with it? I really don't want that data just sitting there.
PS3F answers: Deleting Game data and/or Save data will not affect the Trophies you've achieved. However, Save data only really takes up a trivial amount of space on the HDD. It's not worth deleting.

John I. asks: I just saw the new Final Fantasy XIII trailers and they were amazing. I enjoy the FF games a lot but I am still kind of confused between the connection of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy Versus XIII. Is there any kind of similarity within the game?
PS3F answers: Both games belong to Fabula Nova Crystallis, which is a fancy name for "FFXIII compilation." So far three games have been announced in this collection: the two you've just mentioned and Agito for PSP. All three games are separate; they take place in their own worlds with their own set of unique characters. Thus far, we know that none of these stories will intertwine, though they all belong to the same universe.

Mitch B. asks: My girlfriend got a PS3 for Christmas and she told me already...and I was wondering if there were any must have accessories that I should I get?
PS3F answers: Get a second DualShock controller so you can game with your girlfriend. That would be the definite must-have. If you plan on playing online, you'll want to get yourself a Bluetooth headset; the official PlayStation one works great. The wireless keypad would be another choice, but it is rather expensive and not all too necessary if you've got a USB keyboard. Also, before you think about buying accessories ... we just want to make sure that you got your girlfriend a good present first. You did get her one, right?

Joel H. asks: When trying to access Home from my sub-account, I get an error saying "you are not old enough to access PlayStation Home." Now, I am, in fact old enough and it's my credit card on the primary account. Moreover, the PSN has no idea how old I am, because there is no place to enter that information in the profile. Does it just assume that all sub-accounts are held by children, and is there any way to grant permission for my sub-account to access Home? Is this just something they're doing with the Beta, or is this a permanent restriction?
PS3F answers: Joel, sub-accounts are meant for children, which is why there are so many restriction options for such accounts and the fact that only the Master Account can make edits. There really isn't any point in using a sub-account unless you want to monitor your children's access. The restrictions will not be changed.

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