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EU considers taxing GPS / TV-enabled phones as "multi-functional devices"

Darren Murph

Oh noes! The European Union is reportedly mulling a tax increase on handsets that boast TV receivers or GPS modules, and we're not talking just a few pennies (or whatever you folks use over there). The European Commission has put forth a proposal to "reclassify some phones as multi-functional devices, which would trigger a 14-percent tax on mobiles with TV receivers and 3.7-percent on navigation-enabled phones." Needless to say, both Sony Ericsson and Nokia are vehemently against the increase, with an SE spokesperson noting that "these new duties would inevitably lead to a high increase in consumer pricing at a time where we are all struggling to keep prices as low as possible." We're told that a final decision won't be made for at least six months, and honestly, we hope the whole initiative just gets lost in the shuffle along the way.

[Via mobileburn]

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