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EVE players get free advertising during live PvP tournament broadcast

James Egan

A popular event in EVE Online is returning this winter: the Alliance PvP Tournament, which kicks off late January, continuing through to final rounds in February. The final rounds of the Alliance PvP Tournament will be broadcast live, which is the basis for the latest announcement from CCP Games. EVE Online dev CCP Fallout has stated there will be free advertising slots for players to use during the live broadcast of the tournament finals. As CCP Fallout says, "Simply put: this is the biggest ad space available for EVE players and yet it will cost you absolutely nothing to submit an advertisement."

We cringe at the thought of some of the video footage that could make it into the live broadcast (while looking forward to it as well), but CCP Games has laid out some general and technical guidelines that should keep the live broadcast relatively clean. Also, they've opened up the use of some of their intellectual property for players to use in producing their adverts -- namely the EVE Online music and sound effects. (Although it must be noted that you actually have to use their music and sound effects, due to copyright issues that would inevitably result from widespread Rick-rolling.)

Submissions must be sent in by February 4, 2009, but there are a number of additional items and terms to note. If you're interested in getting your EVE-related content out there for everyone to see, you'll want to read CCP Fallout's announcement for more details on how to take advantage of the free air time.

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