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Street Fighter IV Collector's Edition gets updated

Yesterday, Capcom unveiled some changes made to the Collector's Edition retail packaging of Street Fighter IV. Originally featuring Chun-Li at the ready for a brawl, Capcom had a total change of heart regarding the cover art thanks to fan feedback. "We had a total re-think on our SFIV packaging," Capcom's PR director, Chris Kramer, wrote on the Capcom-Unity blog. "We have opted to drop the initial Chun-Li packfront in favor of Street Fighter IV art director Ikeno-san's amazing Ryu vs. Ken illustration."

Priced at $79.99, Street Fighter enthusiasts can expect to enjoy a soundtrack CD, hint book with Udon art and a C. Viper figurine -- but we're still hoping they come to their senses and swap that for Akuma or Ken. Not content with leaving Xbox 360 fanboys out in the standard definition dust, Capcom has confirmed the final piece of collector's swag -- a new 65-minute anime movie, The Ties That Bind -- has been encoded on a special game disc (not a standard DVD) which has allowed creators at Studio 4C to output the film at a native 720p resolution.

Finally, Capcom says the collector's edition will also include some "secret additional downloadable content," which GameStop had previously listed as new costumes, but has since revised.

[via Joystiq]

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