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Warhammer Online launches Recruit-a-Friend offer

James Egan

The Warhammer Online December newsletter is filled with some of the announcements we've already mentioned at Massively, such as the Keg End holiday event, the two new careers, and some the other big changes that are impacting the game.

What we haven't mentioned yet is that Warhammer Online has a Recruit-a-Friend program. It doesn't give the experience bonuses that the World of Warcraft offer of the same name does. In fact, the WAR Recruit-a-Friend is similar to what's happening with EVE Online: you invite a friend to a free trial. If that friend becomes a subscriber, the invitation sender receives 30 days of free game time credited to their account. You can recruit up to three people, although over your time subscribed this increases to a maximum of six recruitment notices you can have on deck at any given time. For more info on how this works, log into your master account to see how it's done.

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