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Weekly Webcomic Wrapup celebrates the 'duke

Oh, come on. You knew something like this was bound to happen, didn't you? What, you honestly thought my first week behind the wheel of this time-honored weekly feature wouldn't be spent usurping its intended purpose, changing its focus from the evaluation of comedic gaming-centric comics to a weekly thought-provoking seminar on the brilliance and relevance of Marmaduke?

Okay, fine -- since it's the holidays, I'll allow you one last week of the genre you've become oh-so-accustomed to. You know the drill: Pick your favorite, vote in the poll (posted after the jump), and tell us the hee-larious strips we missed out on that should be included in the next installment of the WeeWebWrap. Oh, wait; that last bit won't be necessary -- you're getting Marmaduke.

How the King Stole Christmas Part 2 (Brawl in the Family)
You Will Feel the Heat (Penny Arcade)
Theatrical Debut
(Digital Unrest)
Acquired Talents (Dueling Analogs)
Hardcore (2P START)
Stringy Theory (Sidescroller)
Wii Fat


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