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Chew on these successful XBLA stats and figures

Dustin Burg

Feeling a bit reflective, today Microsoft put out a press release with the sole reason of gloating about the success of the Xbox Live Arcade over the years and especially in 2008. Read over the bulleted list and try to guesstimate how many Microsoft points have been spent on XBLA titles over the years.

  • 1.25 billion Gamerscore unlocked to date.
  • 100 million achievements earned to date.
  • 60+ XBLA titles score 75 or higher on metacritic.
  • Braid is highest rated XBLA game of all time.
  • 110 million trial XBLA games have been downloaded to date.
  • The Summer of Arcade saw a 58% increase in unique members purchasing game titles.
  • August broke revenue record by 67%.

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