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Cozy up to the virtual Xbox 360 fireplace

Dustin Burg

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During this time of year, we begin feeling envious of those who are lucky enough to own a fireplace and can snuggle up next to it with a hot cup of cocoa and oversized blanket. For those who are beginning to feel the fireplace envy creep in, we recommend navigating to the Community Games section and downloading the newly released virtual fireplace.

For "only" 400 Microsoft points, you can download Fireplace and own your very own Xbox 360 fireplace. This Fireplace "game" comes complete "realistic smoldering embers and flickering" and requires no skill to ignite. Check out the amazing Fireplace video after the break and wonder exactly why you haven't yet made the purchase.

[Via Major Nelson]<a href="" target="_new" title="XBox 360 Fireplace">Video: XBox 360 Fireplace</a>

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