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    LG's KB770 reviewed in a foreign tongue, unboxed in the universal language

    Darren Murph

    The only information we had on LG's heretofore elusive KB770 was a not-at-all detailed FCC report. Now, however, we're getting our first good glimpse courtesy of a thorough review and hands-on extravaganza originating in the Czech Republic. LG has clearly designed this one with mobile TV and multimedia in mind, and that huge retractable antenna should make for easy reception for those in DVB-T territories. The overall design isn't a great departure from other like-minded handsets (read: the Vu), though critics did find the UI impressively simple to navigate and use. Sadly, the actual quality of the mobile TV -- which, again, is the main selling point here -- left a bit to be desired. All in all, the KB770 just didn't seem to execute as well as it should given the 8,900CZK ($471) price tag, but if you're still interested in seeing what it looks like from every angle imaginable (yes, even that one), the read link should be the next place your browser points to.

    [Thanks, Daniel]

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