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Modded XB01 case quiets your Xbox like a RROD (without all the failing)

Ross Miller

Not merely content with the noise-reducing XB01 Xbox 360 chassis, Swedish modder Janne Ström decided to throw in a pair of heavy-duty Noctua NH-U9DO coolers (usually intended for AMD Dual Opteron server processors) to see if he could even further eradicate the console's aural annoyances -- and indeed, it sounds (or rather, doesn't) like it worked. For those not following the scene, the XB01 is a voluminous case made by Lian-Li you can put your Xbox 360's guts into for a decidedly less noisy experience, so think of this as a mod-within-a-mod. It won't make disc drive any quieter, but with the New Xbox Experience's disc installation option, that noise can be avoided. The extra fans also doesn't make the case any easier on the eyes, of course, but anyone interested in the XB01 probably isn't putting style points high on their list of priorities. Go ahead and listen, very closely, to the results in the video after the break.

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