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Phishing attempt targets EVE Online subscribers

James Egan

They're baaack. The phishing emails targeting EVE Online players, that is. While you're sound asleep dreaming of your next Machariel, or thrashing about in a nightmare about that last pod killing, there are legions of very bad men seeking to crack open your EVE Online account and liquidate your assets. Of course, they need your help to do so.

The phishing attempt has evolved to its next genius incarnation... no wait... it's exactly the same as last month. They haven't innovated at all! They're just plowing ahead with it, regardless. They pretend to be CCP Games and email you, stating that they're EVE Customer Support. Of course, they're emailing you to let you know about their latest database issue, and that they'd like you to log in and verify that everything's OK. They're even kind enough to provide you with a convenient link that brings you to "your account", where the phishers log your username and password, and proceed to rip you off as thoroughly as possible.

CCP Games issued another advisory on the issue this past weekend. We'd suggest giving the CCP announcement a quick read. We hope this is old hat to you by now, but don't be fooled by the phishing emails and let random strangers pull a Grinch on your EVE account. If you ever need to log into your account, just go to the official EVE Online site directly, and log into your account using the links on the left of the game's homepage.

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