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PlayStation Network gets exclusive DLC for WWE Smackdown vs. Raw


Who doesn't like the word "exclusive"? While this may not be the biggest news ever, WWE fans will certainly appreciate knowing PlayStation Network will be home to a few exclusive costumes when DLC is made available in January. The first Roster Pack will be available for $4.99 and will include the following:
  • Evan Bourne - playable Superstar
  • Ted DiBiase - playable Superstar
  • Charlie Haas - playable Superstar
  • Chris Jericho - alternate attire
  • Kelly Kelly - holiday costume (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
  • Maria Santa - holiday costume (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
  • Masked Kane - alternate attire (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
  • MVP - alternate attire (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
  • Edge - alternate attire (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
[Via PlayStation.Blog]

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