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PlayStation Network gets exclusive DLC for WWE Smackdown vs. Raw

Andrew Yoon , @scxzor

Who doesn't like the word "exclusive"? While this may not be the biggest news ever, WWE fans will certainly appreciate knowing PlayStation Network will be home to a few exclusive costumes when DLC is made available in January. The first Roster Pack will be available for $4.99 and will include the following:
  • Evan Bourne - playable Superstar
  • Ted DiBiase - playable Superstar
  • Charlie Haas - playable Superstar
  • Chris Jericho - alternate attire
  • Kelly Kelly - holiday costume (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
  • Maria Santa - holiday costume (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
  • Masked Kane - alternate attire (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
  • MVP - alternate attire (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
  • Edge - alternate attire (EXCLUSIVELY ON PS3)
[Via PlayStation.Blog]

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