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Rumor: Deus Ex's Spector working on 'epic' Mickey Mouse project


When it comes to designing games, Warren Spector isn't known for doing a Mickey Mouse job. But the iconic Disney character may very well be the star of his Junction Point Studios' current project, confirmed in July as a "collaboration with folks from Disney Feature Animation and Pixar."

According to a post on Gamasutra, "concept art and information" the site has gotten its eyes on reveal a title codenamed Epic Mickey, which is described as having "a distinctly shadowed, steampunk vibe." The game is likely the same project Spector and company have been working on since at least June 2007, and which the Deus Ex designer has said would elicit claims by hardcore gamers that he'd "sold out." In backing up its report, the site references an EGM rumor from March that suggests Junction Point's project will allow Disney to go up against "a certain pesky plumber" with "the mouse himself."

If true, Spector wouldn't be the first legendary designer to work with Walt Disney's most famous creation; God of War creator David Jaffe co-designed 1994's Mickey Mania for Sony Imagesoft.

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