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Twitter's fake Cliffy B gets shut down

If ever there was non-news, this is it but recent tips have forced our hand. Emails have flooded our inbox (and my Xbox Live messages) regarding comments made by Cliffy_B on Twitter. "After much testing, it looks like matchmaking is permanently broken ... There are new maps though, only 800 Microsoft Points!" read a recent update enraging gamers that the designer would mock issues plaguing the multiplayer of Gears of War 2. However, as most of the internet is aware, Cliffy_B on Twitter isn't the real Cliff Bleszinski and now the account has been suspended from activation.

The trend of creating obvious fake Twitter accounts isn't a new phenomenon. Recently, a fake Kanye West account was shut down after comments were made about Stephen Colbert in his quest to top the iTunes sales charts, currently topped by the award-winning rapper. Shaquille O'Neal has also been in the middle of his own Twitter-versy (that's like if controversy made it with Twitter) which forced the champion NBA baller to create his own account in retaliation -- which by the way is fantastic reading material.

So, it wasn't really Cliff and he wasn't really laughing about broken multiplayer and charging for maps. All cleared up, now? Great. Moving on...


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