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WoW Insider Show Episode 69: Azeroth's Next Top Models

Mike Schramm

This week on the podcast we welcomed back BRK to talk about some things that didn't involve Hunters, including (but not limited to) Winter's Veil and how to take down heroic Loken, and Amanda Dean also joined us to talk about why she's Scrooge-y on the Winter's Veil stuff (I am too, though I am excited about the presents we're going to get on Thursday) and why people may or may not be civil when PuGging. And we talked about the Sons of Hodir quest chain, answered some questions from the email, and just had a great time talking about World of Warcraft.

It was a nice, relaxed show, and hopefully you'll enjoy it -- you can listen below, or use one of the myriad ways that we have to listen, including subscribing to the show in iTunes (and reviewing us if you do head over there -- some of the reviews on our listing are a little old).

We'll be back next weekend after the holiday, and if you are handy with a mic and a computer, we've got a little favor to ask after the break -- check it out if you want to try to get your voice on our show.

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Listen here on the page:

As I said during the show this week, we haven't really had an intro since we moved over to Ustream -- it's just me introducing the show and the guests when we start. And I often forget to do shoutouts as well: even though we like recognizing the folks who listen, it's tough to fit that in and keep it interesting. So we're going to try combining them both by letting you, our listeners, introduce the start of the show every week.

If you're interested, we're asking you to put together a short (less than :30 is a good start, though as long as it's interesting it, can be any length) introduction -- you can call out yourself, your characters, your guild, or anything else, and then finish with introducing me and kicking off the show. It can be as simple as:

"Hey everybody this is Joe -- I play Legalas on Thunderhorn. Shout out to my guild And Two Stealthed Rogues for finishing off 10 man Naxx last week, and grats to Holypriester on the new robe! And now, here's Mike Schramm and the Turpster, it's time for the WoW Insider Show!"

Or as complicated as you want -- the more creative/funny/interesting the better. Save it out to an .mp3 file (one more reason to keep it short), and email it over to us at, and you might hear it before next week's show. Here's a quick guide to recording an mp3 file, though of course if you know more about putting audio together, you're free to include music, sound effects, or whatever you like. And of course, since we try to keep the show as clean as possible, keep the offensive stuff out (though you are free to insult Paladins whenever you like).

We'll see how it works -- if no one sends us any audio, we'll think of something else, but this seems like it could be a fun way to get you guys on the show and get things rolling with a little more style. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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