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2008 holiday card blowout, now with exclusive music!

Kevin Kelly

click for all the Holiday cheer!

It's that time of year: delayed travel, cold weather, spiked egg nog, and holiday gaming cards from the video game industry. They range from Konami's fairly plain jane attempt (No Snake? No Hideo?), all the way up to the custom old-school card created for us by The Minus World. What, no $20 gift card love from Sony this year? (But they did give us their AC Adapter peripheral.) At least Sony tried -- where's the love Microsoft, Nintendo? We'll even accept some coal -- just send us something for the holidays! Please?

Foundation 9 wins the award for the niftiest card so far this year. It sent out a holiday card with an exclusive CD inside, complete with 11 tracks of holiday chip tune music created by 8 Bit Weapon, Leeni, Computeher, and others. We've got an exclusive track that you can enjoy without leaving the warm comfort of this post. Check out Doctor Octoroc's version of "We Three Kings" right here. Happy Holidaze!

Some notable cards:

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