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Auction inaction: Wii resales no longer fetching above retail price


That "fat chance" of getting a Wii for the holidays? It's now officially a very good chance. Gamasutra brings word – backed up by statistics from Video Game Price Charts – that the resale market has been so inundated with systems, those who invested in snapped up a Wii hoping to make a profit from it are lucky to get retail price.

This time last year, Wii systems for offer on resale sites such as eBay were fetching nearly $500; the site now lists hundreds, many of which are going unsold (especially those with starting bids above retail). It seems that Nintendo's promise of increased production earlier in the year has been fulfilled, as retailers including and Amazon have had the console in stock during December – and for much longer than what had become a matter of seconds for most of this and last year.

[Via NWF]

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