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EverQuest II Game Update 52 preview includes revamp of Lavastorm

Michael Zenke

Brett Scheinert, game designer on the SOE flagship product EverQuest II, has dropped into the official forums with a sort of 'New Year's Resolution'. In point of fact, it's a preview of new content coming to the game in Game Update 52! Posting with his forum name of timetraveling, Scheinert promised we'd see the following within the next few months:
  • A new instance with 9 bosses geared for two groups at a time. Over half of the bosses will be slated to drop Void Shards, the new metacurrency introduced with the Shadow Odyssey expansion. This will be endgame content balanced for characters with only the very best gear.
  • On top of that, players will also see a similar raid balanced for four groups at once.
  • Tradeskillers will be seeing another trades instance, this time based in the epic dungeon 'The Void'.
  • The classic zone Lavastorm will be seeing numerous improvements, similar to changes made to Everfrost in GU 48.
  • Among these changes, players will see brand new areas with level 80 solo content tied into an all-new Lavastorm-based faction.
  • This faction will offer numerous pieces of gear to earn, including 12 new armor sets with brand-new appearances. timetraveling makes a point to note that one of these armor sets is going to be a brand-new robe model with helm, shoulders, and legs as seperate visible pieces from the chest-part!
Coming hard on the heels of an entire new expansion with multiple new dungeons, it's interesting to see the tack the EQ2 designers are taking with this. All new endgame content to explore, with new loot/appearance rewards tying into their revamp of older content. It's a great continuation of strides they took forward in 2008, and makes it sound like 2009 will be a great year to be an EverQuest II gamer. Stay tuned to Massively after the holidays for details on this new content!

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