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Government-built FTTH project nearly ready for launch in Lafayette, Louisiana

Darren Murph

In just a few weeks, Cox Communications will be battling for pay-TV dollars with a new rival. But the opponent won't be sporting the usual private enterprise face; instead, it'll be donning a governmental badge. The Lafayette Utilities System in the fine state of Louisiana has long made known that it was working on a FTTH project that would one day deliver HDTV programming and high-speed internet to local homes and businesses. The rollout is expected to occur in four phases, with everything being complete by 2011. Oddly enough, there are still few details to be had even though the initial rollout phase is slated for January, with LUS Director Terry Huval simply stating that "at the time we're ready to serve customers, we'll also make public our pricing packages." Well then, we guess that settles it.

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