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Home items selling like hotcakes

Jem Alexander

We're not sure why, but it seems that quite a few of you out there are buying Home pay-for content. In an interview with Silicon Alley Insider, Susan Panico (Senior Director of the PlayStation Network) says that content in the social networking service is selling tremendously. In fact, in the first four days of the open beta Home produced more money for Sony than the video download service did in its first week.

We're disheartened to hear that one of the biggest sellers is the ridiculously priced Santa outfit. So if you went ahead and bought a £5 Santa suit: congratulations. You've just told Sony that it's okay to charge 79p for a pair of virtual gloves.

Panico says it's "a classic 80/20 model, where 20 percent of your customers create 80 percent of your income." Makes sense to us. There's already a very vocal pro-Home community. We'll be happy to join in next month when some of that promised content starts to drop.

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