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Mac Giving Tree now gives more than Mac apps

Cory Bohon

We told you about the Mac Giving Tree over the weekend. It is a project from the guys over at MacHeist, and gives Mac users free applications just by creating a MacHeist account and referring friends. They have already given away copies of Enigmo 2 and Synergy, and now they are at it again.

If you have been watching the tree, then you know something has been up. The Giving Tree now has iPhone application icons sprouting up around it -- what does it all mean? When the icons grow and start wiggling you are able to click them and join a drawing for the application. If you are a winner you will receive a promo code for the app specified. Wurdle, Fieldrunners, Flick Fishing, Moto Chaser, WeightBot, and Frenzic are just some of the apps being offered.

If you wish to try your hand finger at winning some promo codes, then head on over to the Mac Giving Tree website. And don't forget to unwrap all of your presents under the tree on Christmas Day!

Please note that the promo codes are US only at this time -- so you must redeem them inside of the US App Store.

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