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Star of new movie is the cellphone equivalent of a psychotic K.I.T.T.

Chris Ziegler

No, we're not talking about Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC Phone Edition or iPhone firmware 2.0, we're talking moderately more diabolical stuff here: explosions, international intrigue, fancy casinos where everyone wears suits and plays baccarat, the whole nine yards. Echelon Conspiracy is a movie about... well, who cares, really? Point is, there's an all-knowing phone that tells you what to do and brings you both great fortune and great tragedy, making for a modern King Midas tale that has Critic's Choice Award nomination written all over it. The flick probably would've made more sense back when phones actually looked evil, but yeah, sure, we'll add it to our Netflix queue in a few years -- somewhere between Death Race and The Transporter 3. Catch the spellbinding trailer after the break.

[Thanks, A. Razaq]

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