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Study: EverQuest II population may be 40% female


Shocking news: The half-naked human (elf, or cat-thing) female dancing for tips in the main city of your favorite MMORPG might actually be played by a real woman. The BBC reports on a study by researcher Scott Caplan at the University of Delaware, which examined gender differences in 2,400 EverQuest II players, and found that 40% of the gamers were female.

Although 40% does sound awfully high, it does help alter the stereotype of the genre which has a bunch of middle-aged men living in their parents' basements. Caplan says the perception of video games is in a "cultural time lag" and that people are still ascribing decade-old stereotypes to video game players.

Caplan also found an unusually high level of female bisexuality in the survey group, which was apparently "five times higher than the general population." Another thing Caplan found was that the women's self-reported exercise regimes and body mass indexes were better than the general population.

We suddenly imagine subscription numbers for EverQuest II going way up as boys clamor to hit it off with a glamazon.

[Via Evil Avatar]

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