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This year's fashionable Wii injury: Wii knee


'Tis the season when people buy a lot of Wiis, which can mean only one thing: a 29,392% increase in ridiculous Wii scare stories from British newspapers. Over the last few days, in a bid to squeeze a story from thin air, at least two UK publications featured articles about how playing on a Wii can cause physical damage to users; you know, in the same way that any physical motion whatsoever could conceivably hurt somebody, somewhere.

The Daily Telegraph was first off the mark over the weekend, describing how brilliant young doctors at Leeds Teaching Hospital have "discovered" what they call "Wii knee." Alas, this exciting development for medical science isn't actually mentioned beyond its name, because all of a sudden the newspaper is too busy getting a scary quote from a hand doctor (eh?).

Not to be outdone, The Sun followed up today with its own piss-poor take on the WII IZ THE END TIMES angle, pointing out that ten Brits are hospitalized through Wii injuries each week. It then wheels out that 2007 favorite, "Wii-itis"/"Wii-itus" (choose your own spelling -- The Sun couldn't), before also referring to Wii knee, all while I weep for my once-proud nation.

Source: The Telegraph kicks things off ...
Source: ... and The Sun follows.

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