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Even with new DLC, Gears 2 struggles on Live

Dustin Burg

If we were to tell you that Gears of War 2 wasn't the most played Xbox Live game last week, it wouldn't be all that surprising or all that newsworthy seeing that it has failed to knock Halo 3 from the top spot for the past few weeks. What is newsworthy is the fact that Gears 2 has maintained last week's disappointing title of being the number four most played game on Live, even with new Combustible DLC releasing. Ouch.

You can view the complete listing of the top Xbox Live games (including XBLA and Community Games) after the jump. You'll notice that Halo 3 is still maintaining its "I'm the coolest game on Xbox Live" crown and both Call of Duty games are still holding strong at second and third place. It also looks like last week's Holiday Deal of the Week helped push Bomberman LIVE into the top five.

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