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HBO survey hints at free streaming for pay-TV subscribers

Darren Murph

It's not like HBO has yet to dangle its feet in the online delivery waters, but we've yet to see a bona side streaming service from the channel that does it justice. According to a recent e-Rewards survey, all that could be changing. The questionnaire contained information about the network's plans to "offer online streaming of programming free for people who subscribe to HBO through their cable provider." Better still, the inquiries were geared more towards a naming convention -- "HBO Click," "HBO Select," "HBO on Broadband," "HBO GO," "HBO To Go," and "HBO Online" -- hinting that the groundwork may have already been laid. If HBO can figure out how to deliver Entourage and the like to paying customers online within 24 hours of programs airing live, we can't help but think at least a few more folks would pony up each month to dive in.

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