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Red 5's upcoming MMO to be announced soon

Shawn Schuster

With a recent shuffle in management and the promise of a truly ground-breaking MMO in the works, Red 5 Studios continues their trek through our anticipated games list in stealth mode. In a recent interview with Gamasutra, Red 5's Chairman and Chief Creative Officer Mark Kern joins the company's CEO, Michael Weingartner, to discuss the studio's current status and the news that their top-secret MMO will finally be announced "in a few months".

We've been following Red 5 and their upcoming game's development for a while now, and they never cease to crank up the anticipation level with what they tell us. This interview gives us a better look into their plans to not only go in a different direction than Kern's former employer and their behemoth World of Warcraft, but we get to hear a little bit about how they hope to achieve success in this fragile market.

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