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[1.Local]: Thank you, thank you


Reader comments – ahh, yes, the juicy goodness following a meaty post. [1.Local] ducks past the swinging doors to see what readers have been chatting about in the back room over the past week.

In this last installment of [1.Local] for 2008, we'd like to thank a few people – you, our readers – with some of your own words. Here is a quick sampling of some of the more recent thank-you's we've received. For this [1.Local] only, we included notes that came in via e-mail and other methods, as well. We think these messages of appreciation point to good writing, good material, good reader perspectives ... a good deal all the way around.

Be sure to dive into the comments area of each thread (not this one!) and add your own thoughts – unlike your mama, we like us some hot, fresh backtalk.

Who's the tank?
Readers thought this Moviewatch was a job well done – and its creator was surprised and flattered for the recognition. "I'd just like to give a big thank you to Michael Gray for posting my "Who's the Tank?" video on WoW Moviewatch," wrote Michael Schroeder of BroncoTV. "It's really hard to get a lot of recognition on YouTube, especially because our comedy sketches don't really fit the requirements for a good viral video (e.g., someone getting hit in the nuts). So I am ever so grateful that you gave the video such a boost. Again, thank you very much for showcasing my video and I'm really glad you enjoyed it!"

A Facebook add from a satisfied reader
Reader appreciation comes from all directions. WI blogger Jennie Lees slid this over to [1.Local] with a brief note: "Not exactly a direct e-mail, but I did have a reader add me on Facebook with this comment: 'Scott says, "Brilliant Ready Check this week. So good, I wanted to find you to offer the compliment. Cheers. :)"'"

(Speaking of Facebook -- loads of enthusiasm over WoW Insider's renewed presence there. Come on over and hang with the rest of the gang!)

Extinguishing reader flames
WI bloggers are a fire-resistant bunch. Nitpicking, personal jabs and outright flames are all part of the process. We all appreciate the relatively rare word of support, especially when we know it means we've reached readers with a message that we think count. "Great article, though," commented Hurode on Amanda Dean's perspective on netiquette. "Ignore the people complaining about WoW Insider being the 'moral police' of the game, or what have you. This falls perfectly in line with a blog about WoW -- they can go to MMO Champion if they want news, news, news. This is the type of refreshing article I like to read here.

"... Great article, and well written. It's just a shame that it probably won't be taken seriously by the people who actually need to read it. I love it when bloggers find ways to make subject matter, even such serious subject matter, entertaining and fun to read the way you and a few other bloggers here do."

Chanting fans show their support
Arcane Brilliance author Christian Belt shared this nugget of good cheer: "This is my personal favorite from last week's AB. This guy's like my own personal cheerleader. Made my whole week!"

From reader dclark:

"Christian Belt!
"Christian Belt!

"Honestly, I hope whoever's signing your cheques for these columns doubles your pay and maybe adds a zero or two to the end. Your writing sparkles, your insights are brilliant, and your Warlock hate is 'Funny, Funny Because It's True.' These Arcane Brilliance columns remind me every week why it's so much fun to be a mage; they're my favourite part of the site. Keep up the great work!

"Christian Belt!
"Christian Belt!"

Appreciating targeted content
WoW, Casually blogger Robin Torres shares this reader thank-you: "No question or topic, I just wanted to thank you for the column," wrote Zarlin of Cenarius. "Being a casual player, I always feel like a second-class citizen, and it's nice to see a column that addresses me and others like me. I realize that I'm not alone, and I'm glad to have found WoW, Casually. Reading through the past articles has already helped me greatly, and I appreciate all the advice you've given. Thanks so much!"

What you need to know -- when you need to know it
Lichborne author Daniel Whitcomb was on hit with a recent piece on basic defense gearing for Death Knights. "Great timing on this article – I was just asking some guildies about this last night," noted Skarlette. "It seems like spellpower would be a good option, since DKs use spells, but as you explained here it's actually useless. That's a bit counter-intuitive, so it's good to have it spelled out like this."

Sharing resources and information with the player base
A number of commenters added their support and appreciation to 15 Minutes of Fame's recent coverage of one of Proudmoore's largest and most well known guilds for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender players. An e-mail from Taint's officers confirmed the positive impact of the publicity. "The officers and general membership of Taint would like to thank you for your recent article highlighting our guild," wrote Locknroll/Apollonian of Taint. "Despite some trolls, so many of the comments have been extremely supportive and for that we are grateful.

"In addition, because of the article we have had a massive increase in the number of applications, many from GLBT individuals who had no idea our guild existed nor the safe haven it offers. Thank you for helping them find us.

"Finally, we would like to thank you for starting a discussion of the problems that 'gaymers' have while playing
WoW. It is a very brave thing to post something controversial on a extremely popular blog such as this. On behalf of Taint we would like to give you a big /salute. Even bringing awareness of the issue is a huge step and it means a lot to us.

"Please also know that if you have any further questions or need any help whatsoever in future endeavors, is at your service. Just contact us through our website. Thank you so much again and keep up the great work!"

Readers helping readers
We wrap up this special installment of [1.Local] with an e-mail that embodies the true spirit of the holiday season. "Thank you for posting this article," wrote Nitroneo of Windrunner. "I found it totally engrossing to read about such an interesting player. I posted a comment in the discussion area asking additional questions, and I received a response from Daelda (whom I assume is the person in the article).

"I am asking you for forward this e-mail to him so I may interact more with him. I would love to know what additional skills he may have that could be used for working from home. Creativity in creating web pages, writing articles, writing books, graphical arts, photography editing, CAD Designs (architectural, electrical, telecom, HVAC, Plumbing), etc. There are a ton of skills which a person could have and perhaps utilize in order to acquire a job from home, which is not a get rich quick scheme.

"Anyway, I realize I'm asking a lot for you to do this, but if you could forward this e-mail to him, I would appreciate it."

Here's to another year of talking it over in [1.Local]!

Arthas awaits -- and so do your questions. Find the answers you've been searching for to help you on your journey into Northrend and level 80 with Wrath 101.

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